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Business Control

The filter between what is known and the usefull information that is required to make business decisions.


Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Albert Einstein


The last five years I have been building the required skills and knowledge to become a well-rounded business controller. I started my working experience with a year internship at Procter & Gamble in the UK. Here I had my first taste of working life and my first hands on experience with Finance, building from here I filled a temporary placement at a lawyers firm managing outstanding debt.


In 2009 I started as a financial consultant at Control where I was placed in companies that needed financial assistance, extra input or added expertise. During the this time I also completed a Traineeship where I built up added financial knowledge and physiological/communicational skills required to be more efficient. In addition I built on my skills in understanding the way to get necessary tasks done with diverse people in a challenging environment.


The last three years at Rituals I have I have grown in to the roll as business controller. Being part of a growing organisation with a department of only two controllers has given me the unique opportunity to be responsible for all tasks a business controller needs in a very short time. Budgeting, forecasting and providing the management team and board with strategic advice has ensured that my learning curve has been demanding and very high since the day I set foot in this roll.


I get great energy from working with professionals and people that are ambitious and highly motivated. My greatest asset is finding problems, and from these problems developing a sustainable solution to avoid reoccurring issues. I enjoy working in a professional environment where I can depend on others, but also to be given the room to be creative. I am deadline driven and am always looking ahead.


Deliver and Accomplish




Experience and learning has given me the skills to tackle, analyze and provide solutions to problems. Always looking for efficiency and wins to provide the correct people with useful information to make quick and thought out decisions. I have worked in different companies and learned that information is key but the interpretation of information can determine the success or failure. If experience has taught me anything its better to think twice as long about a problem then to dive in and hope for an outcome. What I aim to provide is the solution for projects or to fill a gap and add a perspective and new insights.




Business Controller

09-2011 – Present

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Financial Consultant

12-2009 – 09-2011

Utrecht, The Netherlands


Finance and Control

09-2009 – 11-2009

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Accounts Controller

04-2008 – 01-2009

Newcastle, United Kingdom


Curricular Activities:


Traineeship: Young Professional Program

Minor in Management & Organisation

Achieved with when working at Control



Innovation on Efficiency Savings (Power of You Award)

Given to me by Procter and Gamble for efficiency savings and the Improvement of work processes resulting in the reduction of 150 work hours per month.



Certificate for Young Entrepreneur

Organized by the HES and the Minister of Economics of the Netherlands







Understanding different cultures and nationalities comes from the ability to put yourself in another mans perspective in life. Living in different cultures and countries opens your eyes to different ways of solving the same problem in a new and unique manner. It also demands you to be attentive and a quick learner in culture and language, Now native English, fluent Spanish, fluent Dutch, and well spoken Italian is a result of utilizing these chances and are the privileges of being a traveler. Living abroad has brought me many experiences and benefits.

  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Dominican Republic
  • Venezuela
  • Peru
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • England
  • Italy










KVK: 60598964


If you have any questions or wish to inquire about my availability, please do not hesitate to get in touch